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CRM for Small Businesses

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Simple CRM and sales management software helping teams, departments and small businesses manage sales and retain customers and clients.

CRM for Small Businesses

Manage your business more easily

If you’re new to CRM then our cloud-based sales management software is just about to make your business life a whole lot easier. If you’ve used CRM before, you’ll find our intuitively designed software stacked with a host of tools for managing contacts, closing opportunities and organising tasks.

Before we used Monii, it was difficult to see team activity and assess exactly where we were with sales opportunities. With Monii, my team is better informed, our customers are happier and I have a real-time view of what my team is doing.

Manage Sales

Track and close sales opportunities

Whether you are selling your time, contracts, products, or services, you need a way to organise and track your potential sales opportunities. We call these potential sales opportunities Deals.

Deals put structure around each potential sale opportunity so that you can follow its progress from acquisition through to payment. No more cluttered inboxes, email labels, or spreadsheets tracking this critical information.

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Retain Clients

Keep them coming back

Client and customer relationships should not end after the sale is over. Staying engaged with your existing clients is a great way to ensure future sales from happy clients. By keeping track of every interactions during past sales you'll have it available as you try to drum up new business later.

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